Terms of use


General rules and conditions for using the ad service TweetBoard.net


1. The user is a physical person or a legal entity placing an advertisement on TweetBoard.net

1.1 Listing service TweetBoard.net gives bona fide users the right to place ads for indefinite periods when submitting listing, a registered user can delete and edit ads.

1.2 When submitting an advertisement, the user agrees with the terms and conditions of using the service.

1.3 By placing an advertisement, the user agrees that his personal data will be stored in the TweetBoard.net ad service database in accordance with the provisions of the law.

1.3.1 Service listing TweetBoard.net uses the services of third-party advertising companies to display graphic and text ads on the ads. These companies may use information (excluding your name, address, email address or phone number) about visiting a particular website on the Internet to advertise products or services in accordance with your interests.

1.4 In the case of temporary inoperability of the service, the terms of the ads are extended for the time of inaccessibility of the online service. This provision does not apply to cases where the service was not available in the part of the network administered by providers that are not bound by contracts and obligations with the TweetBoard.net ads service.

1.5 Change or correction of the ad text, special fields, contact data and the timing of the demonstration of an announcement after the publication has started is impossible.

Free advertisements:

2. Free ads are accepted from all individuals.

2.1 Re-publication is possible no sooner than after the expiration of the publication of the previous announcement and no more than three repetitions in a row.

2.2 In a free ad, more than twenty pictures can be placed.

Ad content rules:

3. Ads are not accepted (deleted):

3.1 Containing unlawful, contrary to the norms of morality, offensive, or fraudulent textual or graphic content.

3.2 Not corresponding or partially inconsistent with the service section of the ads.

3.3 Announcements without an exact detailed description of the proposed product, service, or vacancy in which important details are missing (for example: product quality, condition, material, size, functionality, nuances of use, areas of acceptable use) and from the photograph it is impossible to determine the specified parts, or When the text or photo is misleading regarding the above.

3.4 Containing in the text ads (except for special fields) or attached graphics, phone, email, internet link, or other contact information.

3.5 In which the required fields are not filled, or incorrectly filled, or contain incorrect, erroneous information.

3.6 With photographs or graphics not corresponding to the specific proposal contained in the text of the ad or containing photographs of too low quality from which the state of the object is not visible. The photo should be shown exactly the goods offered for sale. Use of photographs, for example, a similar phone or the same car is not allowed. Prohibited are general photos, where the object of sale is presented in a row with other objects and is not dominant.

3.7 With photos or graphics containing a too bright background, not natural colors, photo multiplications in a graphics editor (collages), photographs and pictures containing dominant inscriptions, graphic inserts, logos, contact details or effects that violate the natural aesthetic appearance of the photo.

3.8 Containing the text, either individual words, or parts of words in the uppercase "Caps Lock" in the first line of the ad.

Example: "I'm selling a NEW iPhone"

3.9 In any way violate copyrights, or rights to trademarks.

3.10 In languages ​​other than English.

3.11 Containing a lot of errors in the text.

3.12 For which a full or partial prepayment for a product or service is required.

3.13 Ads aimed at collecting information about users.

3.14 There are multiple complaints.

3.15 With the offer of goods or services subject to licensing, if the announcement does not contain exact contact information about the company and the license number corresponding to the offer.

3.16 About work in video chats, erotic photo and video shooting, about rendering sex services in any kind.

3.17 With the offer of cigarettes, alcohol (except for collection), precursors, controlled medicines, dangerous or harmful products and substances, as well as goods not certified in accordance with CE norms.

3.18 Containing proposals of counterfeit goods or goods of contraband origin.

3.19 Repeated ads in which the link leads to the first page of the user's site. You can only link to the specific product specified in the ad.

3.20 From recruitment agencies and recruitment agencies, auctions and other ad services. Also mentioning in the text or on the attached schedule mention, advertisement or logos of other services of announcements, auctions or employment agencies. Not allowed to publish links to the Internet pages containing links to other ad services.

3.21 With the offer of occult services - astrology, fortune telling, etc.

3.22 On the collection of deposits, donations, contributions and other investments in any form.

3.23 Contains links to resources that do not correctly serve visitors, open pop-up windows that include sound or perform other incorrect actions in relation to visitors, or information systems containing offers of goods or services that are prohibited from posting in ads TweetBoard.net .

3.24 Links to pages that are overloaded with Internet counters, ad units, links to other pages, as well as pages with little information, with outdated content or extremely poor manufacturing quality, as well as on pages not related to the ad object.

3.25 Containing the text with emotional coloring, exclamations, appeals, slogans, declarations and staging questions. Do not use exclamation and question marks or other symbols to attract attention. The text of the ad should be exclusively informational.

3.26 Repeated ads with the same content or containing the same Internet links. When placing multiple ads, the text of each ad should be unique.

3.27 Advertisements, the consequences of which may be the dissemination of non-requested correspondence, the distribution of advertising brochures or other methods of importunate advertising or aggressive marketing.

Organization of the order:

4.0 Service administrators remove all ads listed in item 3.

4.1 In the case of gross or repeated violations, access to publication of ads may be denied.

Liability and Limitation of Liability:

11.1 The user (the submitter of the advertisement) is fully liable for the content of the posted advertisement, both before the ad service and before third parties in cases of violation of the rules of the advertisement service, UK legislation, copyright and economic rights, trademark and trademark rights. Also in cases of creating losses, anxiety or inconvenience to unauthorized persons.

11.2 The company, the administrator, as well as the owner of the ads service TweetBoard.net are not responsible for the content of ads, as well as possible losses or inconveniences related to the work or unavailability of the advertisement service except for clause 1.4.


12. If you have any complaints or found errors on our website, please contact itpportal@gmail.com. With requests for upgrading the site, please also contact itpportal@gmail.com

12a. Legal address of the company: Spokane, Wa, United State.

Changes in terms and conditions:

13. The rules and conditions for providing the TweetBoard.net ads service may be amended, supplemented or amended and come into effect from the moment of publication on the site.